Culture Reject – Inside The Cinema

You know, probably the easiest way to put a band together is to pitch yourself as the central focus and then invite your musician friends along when the need arises. Not only does this help maintain a healthy harmony it also ensures a steady stream of fresh ideas. Works for Michael O’Connell anyway and when you consider the light fantastic that is ‘Inside The Cinema’ it would appear to have plenty of mileage in the tank. The song can be found on Culture Reject’s self-titled LP, which is out now on White Whale Records. The first thing you’ll notice is the warmth in the track as its rolling parts gently collide to create a melodic hum. Brass, piano, handclaps, gently tugged strings and O’Connell’s distant vocals fizz like silent fireworks in the night sky. A quiet delight then. KD

Culture Reject – Inside The Cinema

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Year: 2008

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