Alaska In Winter – Berlin

Just for one minute stop thinking that Cher killed the vocoder and revel in the heavy beats of ‘Berlin’ from Alaska in Winter. It is comes as a present from one Brandon Bethancourt via his new LP ‘Holiday’ which was conceived while under a haze of intoxication. Surprising that because ‘Berlin’ is remarkably clear headed in what it has to achieve, namely bringing the masses back to the dancefloor through a mix of intelligent processed sounds. Unlike his last LP there’s no Zach Condon (aka Beirut) and since it was recorded in the city of the songs title (techno central) you can probably expect less of a Balkan influence. The truth be told that scene has probably run its course and dance could do with several well-aimed kicks up the backside like this. KD

Alaska In Winter – Berlin

Watch The Video To Balkan Lowrider Anthem

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Year: 2008

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