Fight Bite – Swissex Lover

No, the Cocteau Twins haven’t been reborn as much as Fight Bite’s ‘Swissex Lover’ would have you believe. For one these dreampoppers come from Denton, Texas and secondly they are an outfit completely of the noughties (80’s aficionados check out this site and go wow, it includes a ‘Live To Tell’ cover from Fight Bite). The song is taken from the duo’s debut ‘Emerald Eyes’ of last year. The ethereal outpourings belong to Leanne Macomber with Jeff Louis on backup and together they put the album together in their bedroom studio. Hardly surprising then that ‘Swissex Lover’ has a slightly claustrophobic feel, recreating the uncomfortable moments when you were intentionally locked in a tight space with someone you entirely fancied. KD

Fight Bite – Swissex Lover

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Year: 2008

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  1. February 4, 2009

    i think the song is nice, but i hope as i listen to them more , i find something better in their discography.

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