The Urges – The Urges Theme

Despite being sponsored by someone very high up the food chain in the music industry the Urges retain a very low level presence in the domestic scene. Kinda surprising given the immediacy of their sound which is part novelty, part retro, part innovative ““ leave it up to you to decide which part holds sway. The bottom line is that I can’t tear myself away from tracks like ‘The Urges Theme’ from their debut album ‘Psych Ward’. You’ll think you’ve heard it a thousand times before but then it curiously eschews the law of diminishing returns that such efforts normally attract. The chords are particularly impressive, especially the turn that arrives about 90 seconds in. The Urges have something and in this case at least it hardly matters that plenty of others have beaten them to it by several decades. KD

The Urges – The Urges Theme

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Year: 2007

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