Folklore – The Pharmacist

Folklore’s debut ‘The Ghost of H.W. Beaverman‘ is our 10th release on indiecater and we’re so glad this lovely record is illuminating that particular milestone. The album was our favourite of 2007 and so getting the opportunity to showcase it on our little record label is something that keeps us excitedly awake at night. Not only has it the brains but Jimmy Hughes’ collective managed to cram so many luscious ideas within such a short space of time. Beaverman has everything, the soft lilting vocals, the gently jangling chords, the traditional folk and some of the finest brass in indiedom. ‘The Pharmacist’ is a prime cut and a wonderful taster for what you can expect on the other 10 tracks. If you are tempted you can grab the whole thing for a decent price here. KD

Folklore – The Pharmacist

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Year: 2007 & 2009

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