Allá – Sigue Tu Corazon

Allá are a distinctly unique trio from Chicago who were just made for summer occasions. Their debut ‘Es Tiempo’ came out last year and is pickled with perfect little tunes like ‘Sigue Tu Corazon’. Roughly 2 minutes long it displays Lupe Martinez’s exotic vocals and the playful creativity of brothers Jorge and Angel Ledezma on backup. Listening you wish it would go on forever such are its wondrous swoops and graceful meanders. Allá’s next release ‘Digs’ (a covers project it seems) will be out this Autumn on the Belgium label Crammed Discs. KD

Allá – Sigue Tu Corazon

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Year: 2008

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  1. July 12, 2009

    I saw them play about three months ago, not knowing what to expect at all, and they totally blew the roof off the club. Loud, long winding songs, beautiful guitar work on all levels and with incredible artistry, I was captivated. So glad they’re getting some exposure xoxo

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