Blind Man's Colour – Heavy Cloud Hustle

You could call it the Animal Collective effect I guess, a rush to woozy dramatics and aquatic vocals. There are bound to be giant pockets of the talentless probing their computers as if engaged in a higher art form but recently I’ve encountered several mood-enhancing generators. Blind Man’s Colour certainly fall into the latter category, 2 kids from a place where the sun is more than a fluke and seem intent in whipping the 1’s and 0’s into aural shapes resembling oceans built with melodies. That’s they’ve already contributed to an AC covers project gives more proof as to their immediate influences but ‘Heavy Cloud Hustle’ is a stand alone gem that bodes well for their future recordings. KD

Blind Man’s Colour – Heavy Cloud Hustle

Watch The Video To Never Hope For Treasure

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Year: 2009

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