Office – Aphrodisiac Missiles

Crikey, this is stunning. Another peach from the Chicago act named Office (they’ve appeared on one of our Indiecater comps!). Led by Scott Masson the band are an entity in touch with modern realities. Office offer their music up for free and live from day to day on the income earned from the vinyl equivalents. It’s brave and not entirely revolutionary but when you clasp your ears on the produce you’ll agree that this is not another fly-by-night outfit and are fully deserving of having this as their occupation. Their latest LP ‘Mecca’ is a high-octane mix of vibrant classic pop (70’s era, Webb Brosesque) with giant rolling choruses. ‘Aphrodisiac Missiles’ is drop dead gorgeous, a lost E.L.O. classic and something that everyone who has ever enjoyed a piece of popular piece of music will lap up. Scott you’d melt the Antarctica. KD

Office – Aphrodisiac Missiles

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Year: 2009

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