Generationals – When They Fight They Fight

Ok, I’ll admit it, I initially thought my Ronettes (or anything Spector related) loving Dad was playing around with my PC again. As I seethed Generationals quickly won me over, who cares if it comes from half a century ago I thought to myself ““ this is great stuff. The facts, however, disproved my initial judgement for Generationals (nice one!) are a uniquely 21st century creation. Made up of Grant Widmer, Ted Joyner (the songwriting team) and singer Faye Malarky they obviously have a thing for artefacts and are keen to dig up their own. ‘When They Fight They Fight’ is like the hugger faves the Van Allen Belt but played with a far less idiosyncratic bent. KD

Generationals – When They Fight They Fight

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Year: 2008

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