Dan Deacon – Get Older

I like me some Dan Deacon as much as the next man but not when it is rolled out as if part of a daily routine. It’s something I’ve noticed with Irish bloggers especially where they turn on to the flavour of the month and just won’t stop sucking until it has turned a colourless bland mush. This happened with Dan Deacon in and around the release of his last album ‘Bromst’ (and not helped by the Baltimore artist turning up on our doorstep with his Mosney for kidadult’s every fortnight) and for a finish I needed a Dan free zone. You could swap Deacon for Florence & The Machine, Villagers, Janelle Monae, James Blake and Odd Future in the roll of overexposed by the way. Anyway, the chat has died down and ‘Bromst’ has again started to fill my daylight moments. Just today I managed to sit through several repeats of ‘Get Older’ while in the midst of the hangover from hell. Some achievement for the noisy little critter that it is. KD

Dan Deacon – Get Older

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Year: 2009

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