Teenage Fanclub – Star Sign

I heard this song (this is an abridged version missing the extended feedback drenched opening) for the first time on television as opposed to my normal route via evening radio. It was down to ‘120 minutes’, an MTV show I watched religiously or slavishly recorded for later perusal every week. It was for someone lost in a outpost in rural Ireland a valuable escape route, a way to walk the streets of New York or London or for that matter Glasgow for 2 hours each week. Teenage Fanclub seemed to have it all, a mass of tangled hair, gloriously jangled guitars, furtive and inventive bass, percussion that would surely burn itself out, flickering psychedelic lighting and of course abundant talent. This was the start of my love affair with the band (I gorged on ‘Bandwagonesque’ and ‘Grand Prix’) that has dimmed with some of the newer albums but their earlier manoeuvres are immaculate maintained in my heart. ‘Star Sign’ remains one of their loudest and best efforts, no blemishes even 20 years later. Get lost in the nicest possible way. KD

Teenage Fanclub – Star Sign

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Year: 1991

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