[LP Review] Cashier No. 9 – To the Death of Fun

We have mentioned Belfast group Cashier No.9 a few times now so you had to know a full review was forthcoming.  The new album is called ‘To The Death of Fun’ and it will be released on Bella Union on the 20th of June.

Cashier No.9 has come a long way since their first appearance on mp3hugger. Signing with Bella Union was a big step but when we recently spoke with lead singer Daniel Todd he was unfazed about working with them: ‘[We] don’t feel any pressure, the opposite really.  We’re all excited they’re on board.  They’re the extra bit of wind in our sails‘.

‘To The Death of Fun’ is a guitar-driven pop album, but its hallmark is a touch of country–not so much that it could be categorized as country music per se, but enough to give the album a little flavor.  Though you won’t hear any drawl in Todd’s vocals, elements of the country sound are always present.  A little twang can be heard from James Smith’s lead guitar, and the drums and bass are understated,  often leaving the beat to a cleanly-strummed acoustic rhythm guitar.

‘To The Death of Fun’ has just enough reverb and supplemental instrumentation to give it depth and personality.  ‘Lost At Sea’ is a perfect example: though its defining sound is a shimmering, jangly guitar melody, atmospheric instruments like timpani and castanets can be heard filling in between verses.  A harmonica and bass with a pop in its step give this one its country touch.

Other notables include ‘6%’ the closing track, which is the softest and prettiest on the album, and ‘A Flick of the Wrist’ which I will describe as an “indie ho-down,” but this really is an album that can be enjoyed end-to-end.

Let the summer of Cashier No.9  begin!  Doug Mabry

Cashier No. 9 – Lost At Sea

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