Gold-Bears – Record Store

With a blitzkrieg opening salvo of kick and snare, Gold-Bears signal their intent: they’re not here to mess around. On the opening track to their new LP (out now on Slumberland), this Atlanta group cranks up the energy and doesn’t bother to look back. At times anthemic, ‘Record Store’ combines acoustic guitar licks, distortion, and cymbal crashes to eke out a place at the three-way intersection of indie rock, pop, and punk on the sonic map.

The band keeps the energy up during this nearly four-minute stomper, and the fun they’re having seeps into the recording. Jeremy Underwood’s ability to convey emotion is outstanding, even if his vocals are buried in a mix that’s somewhat murky. Much like their Haribo candy namesake, Gold-Bears deliver a blast of sugar powerful enough to satisfy that indie-pop sweet tooth craving.

Joseph Avary

Gold-Bears – Record Store

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Year: 2011

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