The Pernice Brothers – Saddest Quo

If you like to bask in a haze of permanent Teenage Fanclubism then you are much like myself. A gilded chord here, a heavenly harmony there and put together with the precision of an eye for detail of a pre-industrial revolution seamstress. Whilst moving from that band of merry Glaswegians can often leave one with a sense of disappointment there are a couple of watering holes that never fail to quench the thirst for jangle pop heaven. One example being the Pernice Brothers who have in their armoury a gift for telling the same story but making it sound altogether fetching every time. ‘Saddest Quo’ is just one of a clutch of unforgettable moments from their 2005 album ‘Discover A Lovelier You’. Their love is the place where I come from. KD

The Pernice Brothers – Saddest Quo

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Year: 2005

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