Percolator – Flicker


They are not in the least bit prolific with just 2 releases (and one a mere precursor to their upcoming LP) since their emergence from the ashes of Dae Kim in 2008 but there is something altogether hypnotic about Percolator. The 3-piece are about to release their debut album (teaser video below) and unless I’m completely off compass we can expect a tumultuous appraisal of what MBV would sound like had they sheared several layers of complexity off their particular brand of noise. And by this I mean the boy/girl vocals are more translucent, no less intensity and enough curveballs to blind even the most skilled batsman. ‘Flicker’ is taken from the 2009 EP of the same name and weaves a brutal path of white noise destruction, only breaking for tea when Ian and Eleanor chose to throw in their twopence worth. Something is brewing, I can smell it. KD

Percolator – Flicker

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Year: 2009

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    • hugger
      January 29, 2013

      I read that last night, don’t know what to say except it was very nice of you to say those things.

      • February 2, 2013

        Glad to hear from you combatant,

        i simple thouht it was time to dignify something i personally favoring with. It was just a moment of inspiring while writing the headling words `all i wanna do`… Why not follow the resource of enthusiasm with a kind of gratitude. without knowing your existence things would not have been spring aloft and find its right flow perhaps.

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