Alba Lua – When I’m Roaming Free

Alba Lua

Seem to have hit a rich seam of jangle pop numbers of late but it’s not a situation we’re ever likely to complain about. Tonight’s offering comes from a French band (circa Bordeaux) that sing in English (a novelty in itself) and have in Clem Alptraum a singer who offers a neat line in vocal contortions. Probably the only singer I’ve heard who can do a boy/girl call and response all on his own. While his theatrics take center stage there is also a cavalcade of chiming chords to savor. There appears to be very little info on when Alba Lua are going to present us with their debut LP but their soundcloud page has more than enough to keep you entertained until then. KD

Alba Lua – When I’m Roaming Free

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Year: 2012

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