Hey Anna – Tiny Kiss

Hey Anna

This is so home-cooked you might half expect it to turn up around Sunday lunchtime at Mama’s, or right about the time people are beginning to nod off. It skedaddles all over the place, drifting from distinct sonic patterns to lopsided audiac detours. As you can imagine we’re quite smitten by its gentle foraging ways. And it didn’t make for too much of a surprise to learn that Hey Anna is the work of 3 sisters (and 2 blokes) who have progressed from banging pots and pans together to playing actual real instruments. There is so much fun in this recording you can almost hear the Rauch-Sasseen’s giggling. Much more fun to be had from Hey Anna’s self-titled debut which is available from their bandcamp page for less than a tiny smacker. KD

Hey Anna – Tiny Kiss

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Year: 2012

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