Broke For Free – Budding

Broke For Free

As seems to be the default setting for bedroom electronic acts there appears to be less than diddly squat in the bio department for Broke For Free. He may well be called Tom Cascino though and his bedroom is located somewhere in Santa Cruz but apart from that you’ll have to make do with the music. And by the looks of it lots and lots of people have been very much taken in. Easy to see why as Broke For Free has that Lemon Jelly aesthetic, an uncloudy take on bleepery that never fails to pack a hook filled tune. ‘Budding’ only came out last December as part of the ‘Gold Can Stay’ EP and the whole thing is available for free on bandcamp. Real potential here, the marketeers will soon be making their play. KD

Broke For Free – Budding

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Year: 2012

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