Veronica Falls – Buried Alive

Veronica Falls

Goodness knows how I’ve missed them up to this point given that my usual set of indie pop barometers have been flagging Veronica Falls for some time. Well, at least we’re here now I suppose. And what a treat it is to hear a band play it down the middle, without any distractions, just letting a simple tune works its magic. Veronica Falls imbue their output with such joy you can actually tell they were having a ball while making it. There’s a craftiness too, the way the vocals on ‘Buried Alive’ are perfect peas in a pod, the way the familiar guitar lines never sound tired or repetitive. All told this can be put down as a little triumph, a glint of light in a tsunami of forgettable noise. Stop waiting for something to happen, start ‘Waiting For Something To Happen’. KD

Veronica Falls – Buried Alive

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Year: 2013

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