Cotton Jones – Nicotine Canaries

Cotton Jones

Despite being inactive on the recording front for almost 2 years it is somewhat reassuring to find out that that lonesome duo known as Cotton Jones are currently touring. They’re not conventional by any manner of means (which is odd given Michael Nau/Whitney McGraw’s previous work with indie poppers Page France) but somehow, by some means their songs forever infiltrate my innards. This tickler comes from way back in 2009 (the ‘Rio Ranger’ EP) and features stunningly awkward arrangements that are also devilishly memorable. In that sense the vocals could have become incidental but as is Cotton Jones gift they instead give the sonic ambiance even more lucid colour. This is an act so intent on greatness it is surely just a matter of time before their fate is sealed. KD

Cotton Jones – Nicotine Canaries

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Year: 2009

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