Sticklips – Know Yer Blows


Just when you think this lullaby is about to nod off for the night it gets all rumbly and a little thundery. Doesn’t make sense really and I closed every open browsers within earshot in a vain attempt to kill the distraction from the otherwise Mary-had-a-little-lamb goings on. Seems these New Yorkers are not intent on letting us rest on our laurels though, because in a Sticklips world there should be a squall of feedback in the midst of a soft dewy morning. In many ways it is this juxtaposition that makes ‘Know Your Blows’ an even better proposition than if it had not strayed from the straight and narrow. It comes from way back in 2009 from Sticklips debut album ‘It is Like a Horse. It is Not Like Two Foxes’. Last year’s follow-up was simply, and probably a little disappointingly, called ‘Zemi’. KD

Sticklips – Know Yer Blows

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Year: 2009

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