Slowdive – When The Sun Hits


Pulling this from one of the many repositories in the attic that contain unloved and mostly cracked old media formats. Opportune time for its appearance given than it’s almost 11pm in Dublin and still the beads are forming up on high to slowly meander to their final resting place several limbs below. This is a gem from one of the original shoegaze heroes Slowdive and their second album ‘Souvlaki’ which will probably bring back memories even if you’ve only gorged on several of them in the AM down auld Hersonissos’ way. Not sure I’ll ever shake the euphoria evoked by the guitar meltdown at the end, and in an inadvertent piece of good luck the resulting goosebumps serve to cool down what is currently a melting piece of the human form. KD

Slowdive – When The Sun Hits

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Year: 1992

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