Saintseneca – Uppercutter


The ghost of Nirvana, a latent presence that rarely rears its head despite capturing the thoughts and minds of a generation over 2 decades ago. Thankfully there are times that contemporary artists hint at their influences even if in the case of new band Saintseneca’s it is just a for a couple of seconds on the instrumental intro of their new ‘Uppercutter’. Lives up to its name too and while you may not be completely floored this is a mighty fine effort from the Ohio troupe who have been signed to the respected Anti label. Leaving the grunge intersection behind you can also hear a certain Tap Tap at work, a sense of something inside that is eating its way out. Much of that may be down to Zac Little’s world weary vocals which are beautifully tempered by Maryn Jones’ fleeting interjections. The music is pretty fine too. KD

Saintseneca – Uppercutter

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Year: 2013

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